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Detention Services
• Correctional Deputies have control of inmates 24 hours per day
• Upon arrival inmates are searched, booked, fingerprinted, photographed, showered, and are issued jail uniforms, bedding and hygiene products
• Dakota County Jail is a new generation (direct supervision) jail
• Housing units are staffed 24 hours a day by correctional deputies who coordinate all of the activities in a particular unit
• Dakota County booked 3,218 inmates in custody in 1983 (Avg. population 55.96/day)
• Dakota County booked 6,689 inmates in custody in 1995 (Avg. population 130.34/day)
• Dakota County booked 13,699 inmates in custody in 2005 (Avg. population 301.18/day)
• 2007 was a record year, where we held 305 inmates in custody per day


• How do I send mail to an inmate?

    To send mail to inmates, please use the following address:

    Inmate Name
    Dakota County Law Enforcement Center
    P.O. Box 247J
    Hastings, MN 55033

• Letters, photos, greeting cards

All items under this section that are received will be "returned to sender"
• Perfume-scented and/or lipstick kisses/marks on mail
• Any inappropriate photos (sexual or gang-related)
• Cards that have a musical insert, that are decorated, or that have glue, glitter, or stickers
• Postage stamps, envelopes, and blank paper must be purchased in the facility and are not allowed to be sent in
• Any photocopied books, newspapers, magazines, or printouts from the internet
• Printed material such as newspapers, books, and magazines
• Any letters with stickers, glue and/or glitter
• Inmates' personal bills and mail received at their home may not be forwarded, sent in, or dropped off
• Cash, personal checks, and payroll checks should not be mailed to the inmates
• Business cards or brochures of any kind

The Dakota County Jail ensures that deaf and hard-of-hearing persons have full and equal enjoyment of its services, privileges, facilities, advantages and accommodations, and provides auxiliary aids and services to facilitate effective communication with and by these persons.  Sign language and oral interpreters, videophones, a TTY, and other services are available to deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates free-of-charge.  For more information, please contact the Jail’s Coordinator of Accessible Communication Services at (651) 438-4834.


Inmate Mail:

Inmate Name
P.O. Box 247J
Hastings, MN 55033




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