2016 Fee Schedule

Jail Inmate Copy Charges$0.25 per page
Inmate GED Tests (four tests)$125.00
Mug Shots$1.00
Medical Co-Pay (Doctor)$10.00
Medical Co-Pay (Nurse)$5.00
Inmate MedicalCase Specific
Inmate DentalCase Specific
New Prescriptions/Over the Counter (OTC) Mediations$20.00
Eye Glasses
(Reading glasses from Thrifty White)
Booking Fee$25.00
Daily Jail Booking Report$35.00 per month
Inmate Urinalysis Collection Fee$15.00
Work Release Fee$25.00 per day
Pay to Stay$25.00 per day
Revenue Recapture Fee$51.00
Work Release for Out-of-County Boarders$115.00 per day
Out-of-County Boarders Straight Time$115.00 per day
Report Copies$0.25 per page
Accident Report Copies (state form)$5.00
Background Checks$5.25
Driving Record Report$5.00
Copy of Compact Disc$11.00
Check Service Fee$30.00 per check
Notice of Intent to Redeem$100.00
Foreclosure Sales/Sheriff's Certificates$70.00
Judgement Sales/Foreclosure by action
(including posting, service, and sale)
Mechanic's Lien/Execution Sales
(includes sales and Mileage)
Filing (no service)$5.00
Writ of Execution$80.00
Replevin Fee$100.00
Notary (Except Sales)$1.00
Civil Fee for Service$70.00
Permit to Carry Application$75.00
Permit to Carry Application Renewal$75.00
Permit to Carry Change Of Address$10.00
Permit to Carry Replacement Card$10.00

Last Reviewed: 4/1/2016
Last Updated: 4/11/2016

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