Safety Tips

Reasons for calling 911:

For ALL law enforcement, EMS, and Fire response you need to call 911. The Dakota County Communictaions Center is a facility located in Empire Township. This entity answers and dispatches all calls for service. In order to contact your local law enforcement you need to call 911. We understand the reservations some may have with dialing 9-1-1. This is a drastic change from what many of us were taught as children; however that is how law enforcement is currently being dispatched to assist you. For additional information regarding this please visit the DCC website at,

Distracted Driving

Put down your electronic devices and focus on the road. According to the National Safety Council 26% of all accidents are direct results of phone use while driving. For current statistics on distracted driving and other safety campaigns please visit their site at

Traffic Safety

For full information on the above topics and many more please visit:

Home Safety

Keep your identity safe

If you think you could be a victim of identity theft visit

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Last Updated: 4/11/2016

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