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Service Information Sheet 

This is our Service Information Sheet. Please complete and submit this form with every process being brought or mailed to the Sheriff for service. The top portion is information on the party being served. The requested information in the middle section is not required, but can be useful in getting the papers served. Be sure to fill out the information at the bottom of the page. You must call our office at 651-438-4780 for advance fees before sending the papers to our office.

Execution Instruction Sheet

This is our service information sheet for levying on a bank account or wages. The top portion identifies the judgment debtor - the person owing you the money. If you want to levy on a bank account, complete the portion relating to bank levies. If you want to levy on wages, complete the portion relating to bank levies. Be sure to read and follow each step on the sheet.

Execution Exemption Notice and Notice of Intent to Levy on Earnings Within 10 Days

This form has to be completed and mailed to the judgment debtor ten days prior to bringing or mailing the execution to the Sheriff’s Office. You should fill out the front page of the form and, if the debtor has anything to claim, they should fill out the back and mail it to you.

Notice of Sale Form




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